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The Neuhouse project is an 80-acre residential development located in the rapidly growing Ontario Ranch Master Plan of Ontario, California. The site was previously a dairy farm and is now being transformed in to a vibrant, livable and sustainable community.

X Engineering was hired by Richland Communities to facilitate project entitlements. The development strategy involved preparing four tentative tract maps which can be built in phases based upon housing product type as well as infrastructure installation requirements. With the site previously serving as a dairy farm, thousands of cubic yards of unsuitable organics require removal from the site creating a challenge for balancing earthwork for this relatively flat project. X Engineering implemented multiple high and low points throughout the project site at precise locations while considering drainage overflows to mediate this challenge without compromising flood protection for future residents. The entitlement processes consisted of one “A” map and six separate “B” maps, with phasing based upon available infrastructure. X Engineering is now working with Landsea Homes to complete final engineering documents. 

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