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Reality capture is the blending of high-definition photography and point cloud data into a 3D photo-realistic model. This can be achieved with terrestrial tripod-bound laser scanners or by quadcopter or fixed wing drones equipped with HD cameras and a LiDAR payload package. The reality capture process is less labor-intensive than traditional field topography and offers a more dense and accurate amount of information for engineers and architects to design from.

Scanning & Reality Capture | X Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Residential development project intersection northeast view

From drone work equipped with LiDAR and high-definition photogrammetry to 3D laser scanning, X Engineering incorporates time-saving contemporary alternatives to traditional data collection. Applications for these capabilities can range from an aerial survey in a densely vegetated area to a 3D scan of a historic building interior. Even simple street topography on heavily-traveled roads full of parked cars and busy intersections is now safer with our fully robotic scanning total stations.


Residential development project intersection north view

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