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Laurel Creek


Laurel Creek is a 68 unit, 12-acre residential development located in Vista, California. The site is bisected by Laurel Creek, a natural ephemeral stream within jurisdictional boundaries which imposed significant development restrictions. The site was further complicated by steep existing street grades, a shallow groundwater table and shallow bedrock.


X Engineering was retained by Warmington Residential to revise the existing tentative tract map to consolidate individual water quality best management practices into an overall community system. While modifying the approved tentative map, X Engineering successfully realigned portions of the onsite sewer system reducing project cost by eliminating approximately 700 feet of public sewer improvements.


Complicated ground improvements along with non-conventional retaining walls minimize impacts to the existing creek. Additionally, the project team implemented efficient water quality treatment and hydromodification mitigation to meet San Diego’s MS4 Permit requirements and peak storm attenuation for the 100-year event via two basins located at downstream portions of the project site.

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